Commercial Tar & Chip for Athletic Track Construction

Introduction: Athletic tracks are critical spaces for athletes to train and compete, and their construction requires careful consideration of various factors, including surface durability, traction, and cost-effectiveness. One option gaining popularity for athletic track construction is commercial tar & chip surfacing. In this blog post, we’ll explore how commercial tar & chip is becoming a preferred choice for athletic track projects and why it offers several advantages.

1. Durability and Resilience

Athletic tracks endure constant wear and tear from athletes’ activities, including running, jumping, and other high-impact movements. Commercial tar & chip surfacing is known for its durability and resilience. It can withstand the repetitive stress associated with athletic use and is less prone to cracking or rutting than traditional asphalt or concrete surfaces.

2. Traction and Safety

Traction is paramount on athletic tracks to prevent slips and falls and to optimise athletes’ performance. Commercial tar & chip surfaces offer excellent traction, reducing the risk of accidents even during wet or adverse weather conditions. Athletes can train and compete confidently, knowing that the surface provides a reliable grip.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Athletic track construction projects often operate under strict budgets. Commercial tar & chip surfacing is a cost-effective solution, as it typically requires less material and labour than other options like rubberised tracks. The lower installation costs free up resources for other essential aspects of track development.

4. Customisation and Aesthetics

Commercial tar & chip surfacing allows customisation to match the school or organisation’s branding or aesthetic preferences. Various colour combinations and aggregate sizes can be used to create visually appealing athletic tracks that enhance the overall look of the facility.

5. Low Maintenance Requirements

Maintaining athletic tracks can be time-consuming and costly. Commercial tar & chip surfaces require minimal maintenance, primarily routine sweeping and occasional resealing. This reduces the long-term operational costs associated with track upkeep.

6. Quick Installation

Minimising downtime during construction is essential for athletic facilities. Commercial tar & chip surfaces can be installed relatively quickly, allowing athletes to access and use the track sooner than other materials’ lengthier construction timelines.

7. Environmental Considerations

Environmental sustainability is increasingly important for athletic facilities. Commercial tar & chip surfacing is eco-friendly as it requires fewer natural resources during installation and has a lower environmental impact than rubberised tracks or synthetic materials.

Conclusion: Commercial tar & chip surfacing is gaining popularity in athletic track construction due to its durability, traction, cost-effectiveness, customisation options, and low maintenance requirements. At Sudbury Driveway Solutions, we understand the unique needs of athletic facilities and offer expertise in delivering high-quality tar & chip surfaces for track projects. Whether planning a new athletic track or considering resurfacing an existing one, consider the advantages of commercial tar & chip for a reliable, athlete-friendly, and budget-conscious solution.

This is a large driveway which has just had a tar and chip driveway installed on by Sudbury Driveway Solutions

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